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Meet your Comfort Crew

Think about the most recent HVAC appointment you've had to fix an issue, replace a part, or do a whole system replacement. Was your technician kind, listened to you attentively, and did they fix the issue the first time? That's what we strive to do for all our customers; offering legendary customer service while giving your HVAC system the maintenance it deserves.

Since Comfort Wizards has opened in 2005, Harlan Noble has been able to effectively manage office staff members, direct technicians with skills and advice, and he's even been known to go to customers homes personally to fix problems or issues with their HVAC system. We have expanded and grown over the years, while still providing the great customer service you know and deserve. 

We're excited about the services we offer you and we love being able to treat our customers like family. We use state of the art technology and internet based tools and resources to maximize your customer experience. We've also compiled this page, so that you can get to know us too! Below you get to see each person in the Comfort Wizards family that is making a daily impact on the quality of your HVAC system!

Harlan Noble

Email: harlan@comfortwizards.com

Phone: 919-625-6613 ext. 8506


Christian Fessler

Email: christian@comfortwizards.com

Phone: 919-625-6613 ext. 8500

Office Manager

Crystal Nutt

Email: crystal@comfortwizards.com

Phone: 919-625-6613 ext. 8503

Office Assistant

Adam Ford

Email: adam@comfortwizards.com

Phone: 919-625-6613 Ext. 8505


Tracy Edick

Email: tracy@comfortwizards.com

​Phone: 919-625-6613

Accounting Manager (Remote)

Ray Wright

Phone: 919-625-6613

Field Technician

William Woohouse

Phone: 919-625-6613

Field Technician

David Siffer

Phone: 919-625-6613

Field Technician

Install Crew

Phone: 919-625-6613

System Installation Crew

Jared Browne

Email: jared@comfortwizards.com

Phone: 919-625-6613 ext. 8501

PMA Consultant

Lacey Goulding

Email: lacey@comfortwizards.com  

Phone: 919-625-6613 ext. 8502

PMA Consultant

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If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about a recent service appointment, phone call, or interaction with Comfort Wizards, please feel free to call our office at 919-625-6613 so we can do everything we can to make it right.