Multi Stage/Speed Air Conditioning

Multi Stage AC Systems

Shopping around for a new air conditioner? Consider purchasing a multi-stage ac system for your home. The difference between a standard AC unit and a multi-stage unit is the kind of compressor used in the system. The multi-stage unit uses a variable speed air handler to adjust the air flow inside the home.

How do they work?

A standard ac unit works using only one level of operational speed: high. So even when you only need minimal cooling, the unit continues to run on full speed. A multi-stage unit runs on two speeds: high speed for hot summer days, and low speed for days when you do not need as much cooling. This system runs on the low setting by default until the temperature rises. Therefore, every time you turn on a multi-stage unit, the compressor ramps up if needed rather than starting at full speed.

The Benefits of a Multi-Stage AC

  • Better precision – A multi-stage air conditioner provides more consistent cooling efficiency, as well as a better balance of temperature and humidity. Because it uses multiple speeds, it will be able to precisely control the flow of cooled air all throughout your home.

  • Improved energy efficiency – You will save money with a multi-stage air conditioner because it normally operates at a lower setting and consumes less electricity. It also runs on longer cycles unlike the standard one, which cycles on and off more frequently. A unit that frequently cycles needs to consume more energy every time they restart after cycling off.

  • Extended service life – A unit that frequently cycles on and off more often is also more prone to wear and tear, while a unit that has less cycling lasts longer.

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