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(North American Technician Excellence)


Certification makes good business sense. Certification is about professionalism, pride, knowledge, proficiency and consumer trust because NATE-certified technicians are experts in residential HVAC and light commercial and commercial refrigeration.



Technicians taking the test can prove they have the knowledge to be the best. Those who pass can wear the distinctive NATE patch and place the NATE decal on their truck. The NATE symbol is recognized by the industry and growing numbers of consumers as the mark of technician excellence.



Contractors support NATE Certification because certified technicians remain in the industry longer, and have the knowledge to do the job right the first time and are more productive than non-certified technicians. Manufacturers & distributors support NATE Certification because certification encourages proper installation and service of equipment by knowledgeable technicians, which means fewer warranty returns and ultimately, a better bottom line.
Educators and trainers support NATE Certification because they benefit from a uniform standard of knowledge that allows them to better prepare the technician workforce of tomorrow. Utilities support NATE Certification because properly trained and tested technicians can assure the correct installation and servicing of sophisticated HVAC equipment that saves energy and money when operating at peak efficiency.
Consumers support NATE Certification because third-party certification assures them that a knowledgeable, well trained and highly experienced technician will service their home heating or cooling system. When asked 87 percent of consumers prefer a certified technician to work on their home comfort system. That’s proof certification matters.

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